To be sincere and to build trust relations with our customers

Quality Assurance Department


Quality Assurance as a strength of TESCOM

Mobara office takes part in assuring the quality of TESCOM products. Our role is to provide our customers with safe and stable products as we constantly try to look for improvements. Since we deal with made in China products, we have 12 employees from Japan and more than 60 members from other countries. We all work together to exceed and grow each and every day.
To achieve our goals as the Quality Assurance Department, the key is “to be sincere”. In the past, there was a case where our touch panel we have produced for a lead maker client did not work correctly. No matter how much we examine our returned product, we were not able to find anything wrong. The test at the manufacturing supplier would say there was no problem as well. After the examinations, we borrowed the actual machine from our client and analyzed the data. What we found out was that there was no problem with the touch panel itself but when it was built in with the customer’s machine, there was a malfunction. Sharing the analyzation results and working with the tech designer to look for the cause of the problem took more than 6 months. However, the way we worked with the issue and not just only with our knowledge but our yearning to look for different perspectives won the client’s trust.


Our client’s trust is what motivates us

In “Manufacturing”, once there is some kind of emotional trigger it may become something very delicate. It is important to be building a strong relationship with our clients day by day so that we can overcome times when we face these kinds of challenges. A problem can be solved in a day, but a relationship like such cannot be built in a moment. Through constant quality control meetings and sharing our product information with our customers, lead to our trust. We believe that it is one of the most important tasks the quality control department is in charge of. We also have our “Past Issue List” in which we have gathered our issues from the past and about what was the cause and how we solved the problem. This information is also very helpful in improving and developing new products not just only for our customers but for the company.
Because TESCOM is not too much of a big company, information is shared throughout and our newcomers are all up to date as well. Even those who are not from a technological background, many of our workers have studied hard and are full of knowledge. Therefore, smooth communication is made throughout and we have a very blessed working environment. These points must be the reason we are able to gain so much of our customer’s trust which also becomes an engine to our motivation. With the knowledge we have built up as a group, we want to pass it down to the younger generation and be able to satisfy more of our clients.