“As a pioneer of electronics”
Tescom started as a cable maker.
Products have been manufactured overseas by our manufacturing partner to save costs.
Tescom is currently a trading company with a motto of “Never let anybody regret”.
Making smooth trades with global companies with low costs.


Business domains and strengths of TESCOM

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Enrichment in the support system
of quality and technique

Although TESCOM is a trading company, one of the strengths is that we have a engineering department and a quality control department.
We started as a cable maker and served as a manufacturer for more than 50 years.
The technique and knowledge TESCOM is able to serve is something we have gained from our experience and is one of our specialities.
Even after becoming a trading company, we have been focusing on the quality and technique as we give our customers support and advice from each and every client’s point of view.
When troubles occur, we approach with accurate troubleshooting as we share the quality information with the supplier to avoid the same mistakes and we try our best to improve the quality and stability of our products.


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High quality electronic products
selected by TESCOM standards

TESCOM has our own standards so that we can make any customer satisfied with our products. Products are selected within the “TESCOM standards” that have been made through our customer’s needs and problems.
When our products are delivered we have a Product Specification Reference prepared which includes the products performance ability that promise the quality and safety of our products. At the same time, we have been focusing on reducing the chemical substances used in our products, as many countries focus on the environment and have been empowering in the restrictions. Under the environmental laws and regulations, we test each and every of our products and have been turning in our results to our consumers.


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Shortest lead time
in producing a semiconductor

Another one of TESCOM’s strengths is that we have the shortest lead time after receiving an order. This is because we have been building relationships with many different manufacturing suppliers in and outside our country and have come to have our own purchasing route. In Autumn 2020, when many companies took more than a year to deliver a semiconductor and a shortage was occurring, TESCOM was able to serve our customers the fastest.


Product description

Various TESCOM products in our daily lives