Detailed follow ups that lead to a firm relation with our customers

Sales Department


Gained many orders due to the sale expansion of semiconductors

Ever since I have started working here, I have been marketing electronic devices such as cables, display panels and touch panels and have also been following up with our clients who are lead makers. Every day is a challenge and a chance of learning since also we work with our engineers to be able to find the perfect match to our customer’s demand. I have learned to find joy in being able to deepen my knowledge about the products and being able to propose suitable ideas on my own.
TESCOM has been able to win new orders due to the sale expansion of semiconductors in these recent years. It was when the world was running short of semiconductors and many manufacturers were in great concern. Because TESCOM has built relations with suppliers who could work quickly, many clients considered us as their purchase. From the supplier’s examination and sampling, to the mass production, every step was in full speed. I used all of my experience and knowledge I have built up from the first day of working here so that I could answer the requests. Young employees like myself are given the chance to be in charge of big projects and are heard at this company. Even at times when we cannot go over step by step, we are able to gain approval if we explain the situation. Because we're able to go over the process very smoothly, we were able to receive big orders and were able to support our clients. Even under difficult circumstances, TESCOM was able to do our best because of the relationship we have built with our many suppliers. I believe it was one of the cases TESCOM’s strengths were in action.


To grow as the sales, and the pleasure to be trusted

Many of the customers I am in charge are top makers who have been working with TESCOM for a long time. I keep in mind to be gentle and with any person that I make contact with, whether it is the client or even my coworkers, so that I do not lose the trust TESCOM has built over the years. Regularly reporting in detail of the transaction and progress is an example. I am motivated to work even more harder when customers tell me how helpful it is when they receive detailed reports.

Although I had no experience in electronics, I have been able to grow because my coworkers have led me throughout this journey. Especially the first 1 or 2 years joining this company, many people helped me throughout and answered each and every question I had. I realized that I have adjusted to my job when I could bring out different choices from my own knowledge which was when I entered my third year. Clients have told me, “Whenever we need other parts, we will ask you”. My next goal is to expand in the sales and to be able to contribute to the proceeds of this company.