We are looking for “strong human resources” who can open up new business fields together in this fast changing era.


Employees we seek for

Game changers who make a new path

As the demand for electronics such as smartphones and computers have been growing, the electronics industry has been making progress both technologically and globally. Therefore, our business environment is going under a great wave of change.
That is why TESCOM is in need of a “Game changer” that is eager to work with us in this new business field of this changing era.

Quick responding, ability to take action,
Having a broad perspective towards anything, and a strong will.

These are the traits we want for our future leaders of TESCOM.
To “Never let anyone regret”-- Any kind of person that makes contact with TESCOM whether a customer, supplier, or consumer.
We look forward to your ambitious applications.

At Work

Internal Meetings
Quality Check

Internal Meetings

We have meetings online and offline to share important information about our projects.

Quality Check

Details of the products are thoroughly examined to maintain the quality.


Any kind of communication within coworkers is an important part of any job. Different departments make contact and move on forward with the projects together.

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Message from other employees

Thank you for showing your interest in TESCOM.
Job hunting is not the easiest thing and some of you may be a little overwhelmed.
When I was job hunting, I did not have much interest in technological parts but I somehow came across TESCOM. I decided that I wanted to join this company because of the “To satisfy, to delight, to appreciate, and to never let anyone regret” principles, and also because the other employees were very welcoming.
I recommend you to take a further step even at times of worries. Because that choice may lead to a new realization and discoveries you have never expected.
It may not be the easiest time but job hunting after graduating university is something you will experience only once in your life. It is okay to be worried. Just let yourself take the challenge and go full out with no regrets.
Having a second career may also not be the easiest thing, but the more you work harder you will be rated for it. TESCOM is a working environment that offers help and will lead you to the answer. We look forward to working and growing with you.

Message from other employees


Are there any qualifications or experiences that are advantageous in applying?

The will to learn expert knowledge is a great advantage but we do not hire based on qualifications.

Are you hiring employees from overseas?

Nationality does not matter in hiring at TESCOM.

After entering, how are the departments assigned?
Are our opinions listened to?

We have the applicants mention their wished department within the application and we hire depending.

Are there transfers within the company?

Depending on your character and the company's needs, we do have transfers and reassignments. Change of residence may occur for employees who are assigned to the general department.

Are there chances of business trips and assignments abroad?

Depending on the demand, there are 1-2 changes a year for business trips overseas. We also do have opportunities for assignments abroad for a long period of time.

Do you offer self-development programs?

We have an online training tool that allows employees to be trained in the departments you are interested in. We also have language learning support programs and self-discipline courses as well.